Houmous (best recipe EVER!)

800g chickpeas (jars are always the best*) drained and rinsed (about 500g drained)

4-6 tsp of tahini (depends how strong you like)

1 dsp of Maldon salt

6 tbs of good quality olive oil (no shit to be used here!)

3.5 tbs lemon juice (usually 1.5 lemons but depends on size)

Cold water

Put everything except the olive oil in the blender and blitz, take the lid off and scrape down the sides to make sure everything gets combined. Add the olive oil through the funnel while it is running. Then to make the houmous really smooth add in cold water a tbs full at a time. I usually end up using 4-6 tbs. Check the seasoning, add more salt and lemon juice if needed. Serve.

(*the chickpeas are larger and seem to have much softer skin)


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