Red Cabbage

Another from Milli Taylor’s Instagram

1 red cabbage sliced in the food processor
1 red onion sliced in the food processor
30g butter
Maldon salt – 3 generous pinches
Chilli flakes – pinch
Juice of 2 oranges (or orange juice)
120ml pomegranate molasses (Essential, don’t skimp!)
180ml port (red wine in a pinch if no port)
Star anise, cinnamon stick

In a large pan, sweat the onions in the butter with 1 pinch of saltĀ for 10 mins until soft, add red cabbage and the rest of the salt and sweat for another 5 mins. Then add everything else and simmer for 15-25 mins (will depend on your cabbage and pan size). Taste, and if necessary, add 1-2 tbs sugar to balance out, cooking for another couple of mins.

Amazing in a cheese toastie…