Braised Fennel

Serves 4 with sausage and mash or something like chickpeas or lentils

3 Fennel bulbs

2 Leeks or 1 large white onion

1 tbs olive oil

2 Chicken stock cubes in 500ml boiling water

1 tbs plain flour

Trim the fennel bulbs (feed the trimmings to the chickens) and cut into slices (not diced) like shown in the photo below:

Cut the leeks into 1” long pieces or if using the onion cut into thin wedges, about the same thickness of the fennel. 

Heat the green Le Creuset on #6 and add the olive oil once it is hot, then add the leeks/onions and fennel and cook for a couple of mins with the lid of making sure you keep stirring them to coat in the olive oil. Then add the lid and cook for 5 mins. 

Take the lid off, stir, add the flour and stir well and keep moving around for a min to cook it off. Add the stock and stir well. Put the lid back on, turn the heat down to #4 and cook for 20 mins stirring a few times. 

After the 20 mins check to see if the thickest parts of the fennel are soft, if not put the lid back on and continue cooking.

Serve with mashed potato or chickpeas with sausages.